Our initiative is based on the trust that our donors place in us. Scroll down to find out how your donations are used.

How we will use your money

KANIYA COLLECTIVE is a non-profit association registered in Germany. We are a politically and religiously strictly neutral organisation pursuing our main goal to empower Lebanon’s youth through access to education.

In order to be able to ensure that all donations generated are used in accordance with the purpose of the initiative, we disclose all money flows in a comprehensible form. Donations, either via Startnext, Paypal or direct cash transfer, are stored in our association bank account at GLS Bank. From here, we have two options for transferring the money to our KANIYA Scholars in Lebanon:

1. If possible, the money will be transferred directly to the respective university and thus directly pay the open credit points of the KANIYA Scholars. This option is particularly suitable for us if the tuition fees are to be paid in US Dollars (USD).

2. If the tuition fees are to be paid in Lebanese Pound (LBP), or can only be paid in cash in USD, the money is transferred to Lebanon and paid directly to the universities through our local field coordinator in Lebanon. Both during transfers and exchanges, we strive to reduce overhead costs (e.g. through exchange rate deviations or bank transfer costs) to the minimum.

How we select our scholars

The selection of scholars is made by an independent panel of Lebanese Jurors. The KANIYA board in Germany has no decision power over the choice of scholarship holders. Thus national independence can be guaranteed as the decision making is being done by the people of Lebanon, for Lebanon.