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how is the application process structured?

Doesn't your initiative encourage Brain Drain?

How are the scholarships financed?

What is the long-term societal benefit of students Graduating?

How Do you guarantee all the money reaches the students?

On top of the strict reporting requirements made by German tax authorities, KANIYA is taking several measures to ensure the money is spent exactly on the desired purposes: Firstly, tuition payments are transferred directly from KANIYA to the respective universities. Secondly, to pay out the living support component of its scholarship, KANIYA is using its local representation in Beirut. By sending the money from Germany to Lebanon using well-known international financial services, KANIYA is able to cut out intermediaries and ensure that donations reach their target destination.

Calculations for living costs are based on the expertise of local partners and can be adapted monthly to changing circumstances, e.g. in the exchange rate of Lebanese Pound and USD. This way, KANIYA ensures that each of their beneficiaries receives a stipend that allows them to concentrate on their studies, in case their current life situation would not allow them to do so.

How much does it cost to fund a student's degree?

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