Even collectives need some administrative organisers. Find out who is giving their all to keep KANIYA running.



The scholarships offer individual support to students in need. KANIYA COLLECTIVE aims to further create a source of inspiration and hope for the society. We pursue the goal of collectively improving access to education in order to achieve equal opportunities and to sustain the hope of society to ultimately lead their country out of the current crisis.


Our initiative is called KANIYA COLLECTIVE. We aim to establish a collective beyond the individual scholarships by focusing on the exchange of knowledge and experience among the students themselves as well as between them and the donors.


The opportunity to receive a scholarship does not depend on the student's academic performance. The focus lies on the personality of the applicants and their motivation to use their acquired degree to improve the overall social situation in Lebanon.


KANIYA scholars will be selected on the basis of objective criteria and by a jury composed solely of Lebanese. The involvement of KANIYA COLLECTIVE members in the selection process will be kept to a necessary minimum.


Both the jury and the students selected will be chosen to reflect the diversity of Lebanese society. There will be no restriction to academics on the jury. Nor is the programme aimed at students of a particular degree programme. The diversity of society shall also be taken into account in the promotion of students and included in the selection decision.