Find out more about our scholarship, community life and how to become a KANIYA scholar.


KANIYA COLLECTIVE is a non-profit association registered in Germany. We are a politically and religiously strictly neutral organisation pursuing our main goal to empower Lebanon’s youth through access to education.

At KANIYA we provide scholarships for socially engaged students who have completed at least two thirds of their university career. We pursue not only the goal of individual relief but the vision of societal support. By giving students the opportunity to finish their studies, we invest in the education system as a whole and secure the salaries of the professors.

We want the students to become their own actors of change. This is why KANIYA strives to be a platform connecting them to new opportunities and inspiring individuals, in Lebanon, Germany and beyond.

OUR workflow

After interested students apply for the KANIYA Scholarship, all applications are collected and checked for completeness.

A complete application entails an enrolment certificate at the respective university, transcript of records, statement from the university concerning the missing credits for graduation and cost per credit, letter of motivation and Curriculum Vitae.

Subsequently the applications are forwarded to the jury – an independent panel of Lebanese jurors. Following the careful processing of applications, interviews with the candidates are scheduled. For our jury, the decisive criteria are outstanding personalities with ambition that are socially engaged and care about the future or Lebanon, rather than excellent grades.

The KANIYA board in Germany has no decision-making power over the selection of scholars. Thus, national independence can be guaranteed as the funding decisions are taken by the people of Lebanon, for Lebanon.

HOW to apply

You are studying in Lebanon and have already completed two thirds of your university career?

Apply here and become a part of KANIYA COLLECTIVE's Class of Spring 2022.